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Advertising is one of the traditional way to communicate with the customers or the users and helps in promoting the product of any kind.  In recent days, Mobile App Advertising or otherwise referred as appetizing is creating its own trend. In this form of new advertising via apps, there is high potential in attracting and engaging right audience.

Mobile apps are increasing its popularity, with increased mobile users. So the advertisements are slowly moving towards the app marketing companies to capture the App store market, in order to capture the attention of the mobile App users. The app marketing companies helps in providing best app promotion strategies that suits the app.

Mobile app advertising companies works on a basic concept, through which they provide marketing services to the advertisers and monitoring, optimizing services to the App developers. The mobile app advertising companies helps in providing new and improved insights in order to optimize the app advertisement. They also help in removing the complexity of adding the ads to the App, making sure that there is minimal load time.

Incent and Non Incent app downloads:

Incent app downloads requires the user who downloads the app, to engage with the displayed advertisement either to complete any action or to obtain rewards offered. The actions and rewards differs for every App, the actions can include referring a friend, app downloads and rewards like mobile recharge, gift vouchers etc. Other aspects to consider in this type of app download.

  • Improves the number of downloads in short period.
  • Cost and time effective.
  • Increased downloads, improves rank of the App in App store.

Non Incent app downloads are unlike incent app downloads which requires no reward or actions, it simply refers to the traffic and the needs of the user. The option is left with the user either to get engaged with it or not, it all depends on the interest of the App user. Important benefits to consider from this non incent app download is:

  • Improves the quality users (the users are not attracted by the rewards, instead they are particularly in need of the app)
  • Has sustained users unlike the incent app download.

Each app download has its own advantages and drawbacks. When the App creator or the publisher wants to popularize the App, increase the number of visits, improve the rank of the App within shorter period then Incent app download is appropriate. But in this case the users download the app only to gain the rewards and the claims from the App. Once the claim is done, the users can uninstall the app. In such cases, there is high chance of losing the download users.

If the App creator chooses the non incent app download, then they are keen in building the users. This may be time consuming and requires lot of effort, but this could result in better sustainable position in the App store.

Benefits of App Store Optimization Services:

  • Helps in improving the visibility of the apps in the App Store.
  • Increases the user's view.
  • Improves the rank higher.
  • Finds right and apt keywords for the app.
  • Finds the target audience.
  • Results in highly searched keywords.
  • Promotes the app in less time and cost.