Important Google Chrome PluginsInduction in the digital marketing companies requires various tools which help in enhancing the user experience. It helps with many things which will attract the audience towards the product or the service. However, the digital marketing proves to be a lucrative career for new entrants. It allows access to a ton of information about users. There is a plethora of information available on the internet which can be used for the purpose of marketing. However, harnessing this large amount of information is a Herculean task if not taken proper care. This was a prominent problem for the programmers and the various business models, when starting the business. Thus to resolve this problem Google came with an innovative solution to add some plugins in the chrome browser.

This will help to narrow down the efforts to a single focal point. Thus now the common users who were not able to use or access this wide variety of data can easily handle this data. Now users can easily handle this point of information very easily. One of the prime reasons to learn and become apt in the technology is to able to function with the chrome plugins efficiently. ย The first and foremost thing in the digital marketing is to certain the right tools which we will help in your work. The chrome helps these tools to get linked with browser, thus making every window access under a single roof. In this way when additional plugins are added to the chrome browse a user does not have to refer to a different website or services. Therefore, it acts as a network or a road which are all meeting up at a common point.

This helps the user to diversify his/her approach for the customers. It also helps in linking the service with user requirement and testing them in real-time. Thus, to become ย an efficient digital marketer you have to have these plugins in your chrome browser:

1. Bitly.com

Bit.ly.com allows you to edit your links and save them simultaneously in your bit.ly account. The content is directly saved into your personalized account which gives you direct access in later time. You can quickly shorten the link and brand the name according to your business. One of the key features which bit.ly offers is the real-time stats to see which statistics are affecting and mostly trending.

2. Buffer

Buffer posts help you to instantly share the content which you are currently browsing with the people who are following you. The features which differentiate this plugin from others is that you can time your post and the frequency in which they will be appearing. Also, it gives control over the type of audience you intend to see your post. In terms of digital marketing, this is quite a boon because not every product is made to cater the needs of everyone. Thus it helps you to create a filter for the public appearance of your content.

3. Colorzilla

Suppose you are working in Photoshop or coreldraw an while searching for the content on the web you happen to come across the right choice of color combination for your poster or drawing. Sometimes it is extremely difficult to imprint the right colour texture as you have picturized it in your brain from the available pallet. The colorzilla plugin helps you to simply drag and drop the colour ย from an external source into your content. Thus, you have the access to the vibrant colors of all the contents available on the internet.

4. Pushbullet

However, data transferring has become quite easy in the modern times and just one click helps in the transfer of a huge amount of information from one device to another. Still, many of the devices which work on the principle of data transfer require both the devices to be connected externally or should be available in a specified range. The pushbullet helps in saving the images, videos, links and other useful content from the browser directly into your phone. Thus, by right-clicking on your computer, you can wirelessly move files to your phone. This saves from the old drudgery process of self-emailing the content and attaching them every time you want to store it on any external source other than online.

5. Ghostery

As digital marketing is developing over the time, it is being combined with the activities of the customers. Thus online websites and big brands simply use the data analytics to see your position and judges upon your mood to find the optimum chance to sell their product. Websites like Google, Facebook, or messenger which asks for your location access keeps a track of your movement. This helps them to better understand their customer and pitch their product. The ghostery plugin helps to make you aware of the websites which are seeking your location. It helps to see the invisible side such as the trackers, pixels, beacons and bugs which these websites employ to keep a check.

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