SEO OpportunitiesThe only thing constant about SEO is that is keeps changing, which basically means that tools and strategies that might have been fine till yesterday might have already become obsolete and irrelevant today. That is why it is important for you to remain updated about the latest SEO trends that can prove highly effective in ensuring better ranking and profitability for your website. With the year 2017 coming to a close, SEO agencies around the world are already talking about new trends for 2018. Discussed below are the top 7 SEO opportunities that you should look forward to in the coming year.

1.ย Better SERP Features

The past months have seen a domination of newer and better SERP features across major search engines. From knowledge panels and rich answers to localized results, there are several new features that are yet to be fully exploited by online users. Therefore making the most of the opportunity of targeting your website to rank for these features will surely help in enhancing the traffic volume and conversion rates for your business. However, you need to make sure that you fully understand the various aspects of ranking for these new features to get the desired results in terms of improved leads and sales.

2. Voice Search Optimization

The trend of conducting an online search with the help of voice commands has seen a significant rise over the past several months. Experts believe that this trend will see an exponential increase in 2018 and hence will present a unique SEO opportunity for websites for ensuring higher rankings and greater visibility. The method is not only extremely convenient and less frustrating but also proves to be a lot more mobile friendly than the traditional methods. Incorporating new long tail keywords and phrases with a more conversational tone as part of the voice search optimization strategy is assured to provide the best results.

3.ย Build Good Quality Backlinks

Contrary to the popular belief, good quality backlinks still form an integral part of strong SEO strategies. Given that link-building is long-term strategy, it is important for your SEO services company to ensure that you continue creating high quality and strong links, which are natural and are based on genuine contacts and quality content. These links should be able to connect the users only to a trustworthy website which helps in enhancing their overall browsing experience and adds value to time they spend exploring these links.

4.ย Optimize for Mobile

Internet searches conducted with the help of Smartphone and other mobile device has long surpassed desktop usage. The trend is expected to grow even further in 2018, presenting you with an SEO opportunity to optimize your business for the mobile, if you have already not done so. With the widespread speculation about Google having started experimenting with mobile-first indexing, it is even more imperative for you to make the most of this opportunity for the sustenance of your business. ย The absence of a fully responsive website that offers high level of efficiency across small screen devices can lead to rapid loss of clients.

5.ย Take Leverage of Visualization

There has already been a significant rise in the number of users opting for searches based on videos and pictures. The coming year promises to enhance this method of online search even further. It has been observed that internet users tend to feel deeply influenced by visual elements and video content that tends to deliver information in an interesting and engaging manner as compared to static text. Furthermore, the widespread use of visuals and videos on social media for promotional purposes is also fuelling this trend. That is why your SEO company needs to focus on exploiting the benefits of visualization.

6. Content Still Rules Online

Good quality content will still be as important in 2018 as it has been for the past so many years. Opting to invest in professional writers capable of delivering high quality and error free content that holds great relevance for your business, is the best way to exploit this wonderful SEO opportunity. You need to focus more on understanding the intent of your target audiences behind the usage of specific keywords rather than just paying attention to creating keyword rich content. This will help you to provide more satisfactory results to the users which will automatically enhance the goodwill and ranking of your business.

7. Branding is the Way to Go

The one thing that you need to focus on during the next year is to establish a strong brand presence for your business. You should make use of the best strategies offered by companies providing SEO services to ensure that your brand stands apart from your competitors. This effective SEO opportunity can help you enhance the ranking and visibility of your venture in a significant manner. It will not only help in enhancing your reach amongst the target audiences but will also open up new opportunities of contact and collaboration with the other organizations operating in your specific niche.

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