Video TrendsThe growing popularity of video content has turned it into a highly effective marketing tool. The reason for this is largely attributed to the fact that visual content is known to be more effective and easy to retain as compared to any text. However, in order to get the best benefits of using video content for business growth and promotion, it is important for the media companies in Gurgaon to use it in the right manner. This requires the companies to adhere to the below discussed top online video trends to gain a better understanding of thing that will work and those that wonโ€™t:

1. Nothing Beats Original Content

Creating original and unique content that is designed specifically to suit the needs to the specific brand is of extreme importance. Such content tends to attract user attention in a relatively easier manner besides helping in establishing an effective communication channel with the end users. That is why brands big and small are all investing heavily in creation of original and relevant video content for ensuring sustained business growth.

2. Live Content Is The Way To Go

There was a time when video content was primarily limited to pre-recorded videos. But over the past couple of years, live video has become the preferred way to ensure greater audience engagement. Although this trend has not rendered the pre-recorded videos exactly useless, it has definitely created a growing need for the marketers to focus on producing live content for attracting more clients.

3. Create Content In Story Format

The snippets of temporary user-generated content, called stories have become quite a hot marketing trend. These stories can leak in a healthy manner into the feeds of followers on social media channels such as Instagram and Snapchat. The success of this trend in terms of enhanced user engagement has now prompted, Youtube also to jump into the field with its own unique feature named โ€œReelsโ€. Keeping the videos short and relevant is one of the key players in enhancing their effectiveness. It has been observed that videos which are more than 2-3 min long tend to attract lesser client attention as compared to the ones that are within this time duration.

4. Growth Of IOT

The gradual rise in the Internet of Things (IoT), has eliminated the need for user dependence on screens for watching their favourite content. The ability of the technology to deliver content in an interactive, responsive and highly intuitive manner has led to the opening of new digital doorways for creation of a wide range of engaging content where the users can gain the requisite information through a single voice command.

5. Change In Video Rendering Format

There has been a significant change in the rendering of videos from rectangular to square format. This is because the square format of 1:1 ensures improved visibility across mobile devices. This has in turn increased the complete viewing rates by 67%. That is why rendering video content in square format is becoming extremely successful and providing a major leap to marketers in their video marketing efforts.

6. Video Content Transcription

Long gone are days when uploading video content with a title and a short description was enough. Today, adding a transcription to the video has become essential to gain major SEO benefits. The transcription makes it possible for the search engines to detect optimized keywords and help the relevant audiences looking for the precise content to discover it. In addition it also proves beneficial for viewers opting to watch the video without sound.

7. Trending Augmented Reality & 360ยฐ Videos

Combining real world objects with digitally created ones in video content is becoming a popular trend. In addition, 360ยฐ videos are also becoming quite a rage as it enables the viewers to assess the content from every angle and direction. Both these technologies promise a truly interactive and exclusive user experience. That is why they are believed to have a huge potential for customer engagement in the near future.

8. Explainer Videos, Much Preferred

The short, punchy videos that provide a step-by-step guide for performing some activity or provide fast solutions to their queries, have gained much popularity. These videos are extremely helpful and of a really small duration, which makes them quite easy to share across social media platforms. This trend is likely to gain even greater popularity in the coming years and hence can prove to be an extremely useful tool for marketers.

9. Personalization Is The Key

Finally, the marketers need to pay greater attention towards creating videos that are designed to reach out to the audiences on a more personal level. According to a study, videos offering a personal effect enhance the click-through and the conversion rates for brands by significant margins, making them a key trend for the marketers consider.

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