content-marketing-warIn addition to providing website visitors with relevant information, blog posts help generate better leads and improve conversion rates. With millions of new blog-posts being uploaded online every day, businesses are in the midst of a content marketing war, which can be won only with a proper content marketing strategy. Discussed below are 5 key reasons outlined by digital marketing service providers that might be responsible for businesses losing the content marketing war, along with numerous potential clients.

Not Accounting For Google Ranking Algorithm Updates

Until quite recently, the ideal length of a blog post ranged between 300 and 500 words. However, with the recent updates in Googleโ€™s ranking algorithm, longer blogs have gained greater traction and popularity. Despite this, websites continue to post content that might be considered too short by Google, which results in the content being pushed back in the search result pages.

Google is essentially an advertising platform that reuses content posted across various sites. The hundreds of updates made to its ranking algorithm each year, are aimed to provide the most relevant results for user search queries. Hence, bloggers should remain updated about any changes being made to the Google ranking algorithm and create content that aligns with the same.

Creating Content Without Understanding User Intent

In an attempt to satisfy traditional ranking factors, bloggers tend to compromise the relevance of their content with respect to user intent. This can make users feel misunderstood and propel them to move to other blogs, which are likely to prove more satisfactory in terms of content quality. Consequently, when content is deemed incapable of resolving user query, it is granted a lower ranking.

Digital marketing professionals need to pay attention to user search intent before posting any content. For higher SERP ranking and greater visibility of content, they need to ensure that the content is well-searched and authentic. Such content ensures enhanced usefulness for blog visitors, who are then more likely to turn into regular visitors.

Differentiating Content Publishing From Content Marketing

There was a time when publishing content and marketing it were two completely different activities. However, thanks to the changes in ranking policies of Google, these two activities have now merged into one. Today, creating good quality and relevant content has become an integral part of content marketing, wherein both need to focus on satisfying user needs.

An SEO services company in Gurgaon needs to make sure that content creation activities are properly mapped with respect to its marketing strategies. Various aspects of content marketing should be taken care of during the content creation phase itself. These might include the use of appropriate keywords and phrases, as well as the inclusion of proper back links in the content.

Being Too Focused On the SEO Aspect

It is a well-known fact that SEO plays an extremely important role in content marketing. However, while SEO can help bloggers gain a better SERP ranking, they also need to focus on other aspects to make the content more appealing. Bloggers need to think about new strategies to create content that is compelling enough to compel blog visitors to sit up and take notice. They need to make sure that even the most boring topics are covered in an interesting and engaging manner.

Not Making Proper Use Of Online Channels

It has been observed that blog posts that are not promoted through various online channels tend to lose their credibility and popularity amongst even the most loyal visitors. These may include social media channels, email listings, and chat rooms, and forums. Also, promoting content across different online channels can help in enhancing its reach and visibility quite significantly. It will also help in keeping the target audiences updated about any new content being posted and their relevance to search queries.