Pay per click marketing is an effective way of using search engine advertising to produce clicks to your website, instead of earning those clicks organically. This is one of the most profitable marketing and advertising channels. It has been founded by many digital marketing experts that PPC and email marketing are two channels with the highest ROI.

Here are the top reasons for PPC’s growth as a marketing or advertising channel:

  • PPC gets a high return on investment. ROI from Ad Words is five times stronger than other online marketing and advertising channels.
  • PPC gets you an instant targeted traffic to your website which generates major sales within weeks for you.
  • PPC also helps you in finding the problems easily with your offering, promos or website.
  • This type of marketing also does branding for your company while selling your offerings.
  • PPC works great with a conversion goal.
  • PPC does not do pure branding, but it is a type of branding for various companies who do not have high marketing budgets.

Why Pay Per Click advertising/marketing with DigiDarts?

We understand the brand of our clients and their marketing challenges. Our Darts have vast knowledge about PPC, with killer insights and creative ideas to make targeted, viral and amazing digital advertising for our client’s brand. Here our Darts are expert in integrated campaigns, rich media ads, banner ads, e-mail marketing, social media campaigns, and digital on-ground activations. You share your needs and we fulfill it. We do it all for you-maximum results in minimum time without burning a hole in your pocket!

Our Affordable paid marketing services include:

  • Our Darts are proficient in Pay per Click/ Pay per Impressions also known as cost per click marketing. This is an internet advertising model which is used to get direct traffic to the websites, in which advertisers pay to the publisher when the ad is clicked.
  • Our PPC solutions enable you to Instant Connect and Reach to the Customers.
  • We always do Cost Effective and Relevant Targeting to get targeted traffic to your website.
  • Our PPC solutions are of Maximum Relevance for our clients.
  • We do Location Targeting, a setting that helps our clients show their ads to the customers in a selected geographic location.
  • Our AdWords expert makes your ads appear to the customers who can understand them through Language and Time Targeting.
  • We do impressive Display advertising that is located on websites. This type of advertising can be seen in different formats and contains items such as images, texts, flash, video and audio.
  • Our Darts also do effective Affiliate marketing with efficiency.

So, what are you waiting for? Just get this type of marketing and reach out to your target audience!


Our Certified Darts excel in:

  • Pay Per Click/ Pay Per Impressions
  • Instant Connect and Reach to Customers
  • Measured Paid Traffic
  • Cost Effective and Relevant Targeting
  • Maximum Relevance
  • Location Targeting
  • Mobile/Tablet/Desktop Specific Targeting
  • Language and Time Targeting
  • Remarketing
  • Display Ads
  • Affiliate Marketing